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Origins Of The Windmill

Dec 29, 2016

In 644, a Persian craftsmen manufactured windmills named Abu·luluya, was arrested for assassination of Caliph al-wumaer·yiben·katubu. 644 is the earliest windmills can be found in the literature of the era. Specialized information is mentioned in more than 200 years later in Cestan (in Iran and Afghanistan on the border) the famous windmill, the Windmill from the First century BC are known as Asia minor horizontal waterwheel evolved, its wing mounted on a vertical "wind rotation", in a rotation on the horizontal plane.

Similarly, vertical windmill in the West, is described by the Roman Victoria de Lao Weisi from 22 vertical waterwheel evolved between the 21st century BC. The Windmill known as "pillars", around 1180, appeared in France, in 1191, appeared in the United Kingdom. Because the flange must be perpendicular to the wind direction at all times, including stone wood body and transmission device in a supporting column, from behind a long lever to turn it to Windward. Probably is known as the Windmill there is in Canterbury in 1270 in poetry, there is the earliest illustration of this windmill.