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Netherlands Windmill

People often put the Netherlands called "windmills", Netherlands is a country of more than 10 million people in Western Europe. It's really called "Netherland." "The Netherlands" is low meaning "Orchid" is land, together known as the "low country". Netherlands national one-third of the area just above the North Sea 1 meters above sea level, near one-fourth of the area is below sea level, is truly "Netherland."

Netherlands is located on the Earth's prevailing westerlies, Sheng blowing westerly winds all the year round. While it is on the Atlantic Ocean, is a typical oceanic climate country, endless years of sea-land breeze. This lack of water and power resources of the Netherlands, provides a generous compensation for wind.

Netherlands windmill [1] (Netherlangish windmills), fairy tales and confusing, Rotary extends bent, appears to be static, but dynamic, static and dynamic, in the static, static and dynamic integration, not daydream a lot. Moral charm, legends, eternal ... ...