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Netherlands's Most Unique Landscapes: The Village Of Kinderdijk, Claw

Dec 29, 2016

Netherlands kinderdijk is a very typical attractions, opportunities to the Netherlands will come one day and saw that slowly rotating windmills you will find very interesting, there's a fairy-tale feeling. Cheese here is that most of the must-buy souvenirs, there are several flavors, even has smoked taste like ham. To the Windmill Village must taste the delicacies of a soft bread, Netherlands who prefer to eat sweet foods, have a variety of flavors to choose from, so if you can try the best sweet.

About 2 hour drive north from the Windmill Village can arrive in Netherlands pastoral small village Horn village, if you've lived here for one night, I guess you could feel reluctant, because here is really good. A eyeful green of small hospital, yard in put with silver of seat oblique by in table side, through yard on can into to housing in, first eye on can see a Zhang large of comfortable soft, shortly thereafter through neatly of device and warm of shades-you on can see window green of pastoral and a article bright quiet of Beck, dang second days morning you side drink with coffee or tea sat in window side, leaning with small of round several, sat in sofa in, feel with fresh of slightly chill of Breeze Shi, you on can has deeper of feel.