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Importance Of Landscape Water In Garden Landscape Design

Dec 29, 2016

Application of landscape water in Garden is a garden landscape design in a way, application of it in landscape design has a very important role.

Garden landscape was mainly a form of modeled on nature's natural landscape, streams, waterfalls, artificial lakes, such as landscape design, which has more application in traditional gardens in China. In the modern garden landscape design, increased use of such as fountains, water curtain, pond and landscape water tankers and other forms. Although there are some differences in the design form, but the landscape has always been important part of garden design, if the mountain is the skeleton of the landscape, then the water is the soul of landscape.

Importance of landscape water in garden landscape is reflected not only in the use of water to improve the environment, regulating the climate, control noise, but also thanks to the water flow characteristics, reduce the sense of stagnation in other buildings around the garden and combining the landscape more icing. Although now with times of development, technology of progress, people of idea also in constantly to update, on Garden water landscape of requirements also occurred has some changes, but throughout China garden water landscape design, which most intuitive of feel is full using a space of, and Visual of, and hearing Shang of integrated way to design garden water landscape of structure, and in water landscape design among constantly of fusion traditional and reality beauty to reached art of innovation, to created more easily free of landscape environment.