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United States men with more than more than 500 long balloon system iron man suit styling eye

Dec 29, 2016

According to foreign media recently reported that the United States Ohio balloon has a balloon artist Jeff weaving techniques, that is with a variety of balloon twisting into a wide variety of images, including United States large Super Mario and the role in Disney's toy story, he also used more than 500 long balloon produced "red iron man" suit. It is reported that Jeff received an invitation from a film company, asking him to make a film with a long balloon ' Iron Man 3 ' protagonist in "iron man" armor. He took this "Super task", with 500 in more than 10 hours of red, yellow and gray balloons twisted into a colorful set of iron man suit. Jeff also asked his friend to help shoot the balloons the whole process of creation he made with long balloons battle chest, limbs, head, stool, and then assemble them together, is behind this balloon fight put on. This is the creation of balloon enthusiasts.