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Some interesting knowledge about balloons

Dec 29, 2016

Balloon can bring us joy, but also have to pay attention to safety, quality balloon decorations balloon bubble creative Hall of jiaxing! Interesting knowledge experts take you through some of the balloons.

Many different kinds of balloons, let's learn balloon attempt! Aluminum ball: colourful, pattern number, with a variety of styling, metallic thin film made of balloons. Helium and hydrogen: the chemical composition of the distinction. Helium is an inert gas safety and hydrogen gas is a lively encounter Mars can easily cause the explosion. Bulb: shape into round, heart-shaped, sweet wheat, plum-shaped, magic, floating air balloon ball is a PVC material, the diameter of the balloon is above 1.6-meter, usually after we canned the hydrogen inside the balloon, you can float in the air, commonly known as the floating balloon.