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Entertainment on display the charm of balloon art

Dec 29, 2016

More and more shows, you can see balloon shade, woven hats and clothing display with balloons on stage, strongly attracted the audience's attention, judges are also hooked on the balloon, and more balloons up to the people to participate in talent shows through, the balloon is good, but how do I format a balloon show, this is a very difficult idea. Due to balloon art in stage performance way compared narrow, this need balloon up people constantly creative new of program, put other performances content clever of and balloon combined up, to reached perfect effect, balloon up people launched has, as balloon clown performances-balloon's got talent drill balloon performances-balloon impromptu performances-funny balloon performances, this combined balloon people hard of sweat and wisdom, they love balloon art, some select balloon art for lifelong career, these cute of balloon people, for China balloon art development made huge of contribution.